3d Content Distribution

Trivim Productions specialize in cost effective & high-quality Native 3D Content Distributions.3-D viewing system which enables easy accessible mass distribution of 3-D content in full color.

Trivim Productions is partnered with ColorCode 3-D®.
ColorCode 3-D® is our International distributing partner in technology that enables 3-D anytime,anywhere.

3D Content producers can benefit from high advantages in quality and availablity given by the 3-D system in a wide range of production areas.3-D Profectionals who want stream their 3-D Tv Programs,Movies or Animations in stunning full-color 3-D to anyone,anywhere- with new and Patented ColorCode 3-D® viewing system they can!

3-D is a great way to make a bigger impression that lasts and now it is possible to do so and reach a mass market today. If you do not own any 3-D content or have any 3-D production experiences we can still help you start using 3-D thanks to our high quality 2-D to 3-D conversion services.ColorCode 3-D can be used to expand markets for existing 3-D content and make 3-D more available and easy accessible for the big masses.

As seeing is believing please contact us to discuss potential projects and for a demo.You can also know more about the ColorCode 3-D system.

Find out more about our solutions! Please contact us to know more about the ColorCode 3-D system.

“We are ready to provide high quality latest showreel on request.”
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