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Trivim Productions - official partner of Rayvision Inc. in India.

Rayvision Inc. is an internet technology company which specializes in research into cluster rendering, parallel computing technology and provides computing service of cloud rendering. It is the pioneer of “self-service cloud rendering”.

Trivim Productions technology partner - Rayvision Inc.aims at providing the best render service to the whole CG industry. With over 2,400 render nodes,service allow you to submit render to cloud, secure and faster.Which is one of the world’s largest cloud computing and rendering solution providers for both the motion picture and animation industries.

All task which needs CG rendering can use our rendering service such as VFX,CG Aniamtion, Architectural Design,Advertisement,Industrial Design etc.

Render on the Fly

Hardware Specification of rendering nodes


For Builders, Architects and Realtors
We understand the needs of residential & commercial developers in the construction field. Our team concentrates on producing integrated architectural rendering services that involve computer building renderings for builders in the initial stages of the construction process to get city approvals, to real quality 3D Architecture animation tours to completely engage investors & buyers.




$ 0.57/h $ 1.03/h $ 1.36/h

$0.57 per node per hour, $13.68 per node per day

VIP Customers:Disposable recharge or cumulative recharge over $30000

$1.03 per node per hour, $24.6 per node per day

Gold Customers:Disposable recharge or cumulative recharge over $4000

$1.36 per node per hour, $32.6 per node per day

Ordinary Customers:Disposable recharge or cumulative recharge less $4000


Luxembourg 3D Animated Short Film (11 minutes), 86th Academy Awards (Oscar 2014) Best Animated Short Films

Mr. Hublot
"As a small studio of 3D animation film in France, we need a lot of computing power to show our originality. This requires a greater number of computers than those used in the studio. Computer render cannot be finished without external support. Finally, we find Rayvision."
- Laurent Witz, filmmaker of short films

The film in the Krrish series followed Krrish. It rocks when it is shown in India

"In this film, I try something new which has not been tried by Hollywood. All persons who saw such movie say that it looks like a Hollywood blockbuster, but I want to say that it is exactly a Hollywood blockbuster."
- Rakesh Roshan, filmmaker.

The North Star Delta project located at Kaifu District, Changsha, is a benchmark of urban high quality living quarters in Mid South China. It is produced by Silkroad

Architectural illustration of Silkroad Digital
"Many of our excellent projects which are highly praised are rendered by Rayvision, such as Hengqin Island of Zhuhai (the Key Government Project), North Star Delta of Yangtze River (known as the prime site of China), Qihuan Longbao (CCTV animation) and etc. Such projects win high praise from customers. Rayvision makes undeniable contributions to it."

- Luo Xiaobai, Chief technology officer of Silkroad Digital.

“We are ready to provide high quality latest showreel on request.”
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